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Reiki Master Discovery has been delicately crafted to best support you on your journey to becoming a successful Reiki Master. To Master is to continuously learn, grow & change. You will gain more clarity on your dreams, desires and how you want to show up in the world. Not only as a Reiki Master but in all areas and aspects of your life. 

There are exercises, crafty assignments to get your creative juices going, videos, guided meditations and sound healing. Tao hands blessings for your emotional,physical and spiritual body. Blessings for your business. To assist and support you during your ascension. Bringing your vibration to a whole new level! 

This is the joy of bringing Reiki Master course online. Way more content and other modalities and tools that are infused. Which you can take your time to learn, receive and integrate. Your own individual flow. Meanwhile having my support along the way. A good vibing vortex amongst other fellow students a.k.a Changemakers and Earth Angels such as yourself. 

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By Hannah Elizabeth

Testimonial title

By Hannah Elizabeth

Corinne has an amazing gift both as a practitioner and teacher. I completed both my Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Corinne in Toronto, and was thrilled to discover her online Reiki master course. It is by the most enjoyable module I have ever worked through. Corinne includes loads of extra tips and tricks which enhance your own comfort and ability. Corinne has been my greatest teacher of healing, for myself and others. I really enjoy the opportunity to participate in group discussions. Corinne has thoughtfully organized an integrated way to presenting classes that allow everyone to learn. I already feel a shift within me! Thank you for bringing this sacred work to myself and others Corinne … the world needs it now.

Certification Course Outline

A look at some of the modules in this program

  • 2
    • Discovery
    • Discovery Questionnaire
    • Building Your Altar ~ Your Sacred Space
    • Gratitude Journal
  • 3
    Living Your Precepts
    • The Five Precepts
    • Five Precepts
    • Bringing in your own Precepts
  • 4
    Self Reiki Daily Practice
    • 21 Day Self-Reiki
  • 5
    Intention Setting
    • Getting Clear
    • Tapping In
    • Putting Your Desires Out To The Universe
  • 6
    Designing The Skeleton Of Your Course
    • Designing Your Table Of Contents
  • 7
    Ideal Client
    • Ideal Client ~ Scratching the surface
  • 8
    • Schedule & Prepare for your Attunement
  • 9
    • Level 2 Symbols
    • Dai-Ko-Myo & Raku
    • Hui Yin
  • 10
    Steps To Giving Attunement
    • How To Prepare For An Attunement
    • Attunements for non reiki and 1st degree people
    • Attunement For First Degree Reiki
    • Attunement Second Degree Reiki
    • Attunement Level 3 Master Teacher

Reiki Master Discovery

Up Level Your Vibration To Whole New Frequency!

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Meet Your Reiki Master Facilitator

  • Corinne Clapham

    Transformational Wellness Coach

    Corinne Clapham

    Corinne Clapham is the Founder/CEO of Inner Paradise. Which focuses on inner healing utilizing various natural methods & modalities. Within her scope as an Intuitive Wellness Coach where she is by your side. Guiding you to gain clarity on your life's purpose that is in alignment with your highest self. Additionally and most importantly she guides you to uncover what has been creating discord and blockages from achieving and attaining your desires and dreams. Clearing and releasing the inner blocks on an energetic, cellular and soul level. So you shine brighter than ever before. Living a life full of love, peace & harmony. Transformational Wellness Coach ~ Reiki Master ~ Sound Healer ~ Journey Practitioner ~ Tao Hands Practitioner ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation/Mindfulness Facilitator


  • What are the benefits of online verses in person?

    I tossed the idea of bringing it online for years. I tapped in to see if it was the right way to go. I spent much of 2018 reflecting on how I can improve what I teach for those to really get maximum results and benefits. I was strongly guided to be able to put this online. It is a way that I can infuse a lot more content and other modalities that I feel strongly will support those taking Reiki Master course. Where everyone can go at their own pace and have the time for reflective assignments and time to integrate.

  • Will I still feel connection even though its online?

    Yes! Through various ways. 1)You will access to connect with me along the way for questions and guidance. 2)There are also discussion panels in each of the modules where you can type and share your insights with everyone else who is taking the course. I do encourage people along the way to share what came up for them in certain assignments. A way for the collective to gain more insights, ideas and support 3) Monthly Live Video meetings where everyone can join. Have questions answered and receive guidance. Have course binders reviewed so everyone can learn what works to implement for themselves. 4) A yearly retreat that those who have completed this course can join. A time to connect and practice.

  • Are there any pre-requisites?

    Yes, in order to take Reiki Master Discovery. Minimum of Level 1 & 2 must be received beforehand. It doesn't matter where you took the course as long as you have completed and received certification. If you have not yet received Level 1 or 2. Contact me to make arrangements.

Reiki Master Discovery

A path of discovery! Where you Rise to a whole new level!

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