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Course Outline

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Setting Up ~ Altar
  • 2
    Reflections & Celebrations
    • Reflections & Celebrations
  • 3
    Intention Setting
    • Creating your new path ~ Intention Setting
  • 4
    Abundant Flow
    • Clearing Abundance Blocks Meditation
  • 5
    Theme Of The Year
    • Your Magic WORD
  • 6
    Vision Board
    • Bring Your Vision Alive
  • 7
    Divine Messages
    • Oracle Card Reading
  • 8
    Tao Hands Blessing
    • Tao Hands Blessings
  • 9
    BONUS SECTION: Welcome To Finding Love
    • Welcome Romance
  • 10
    Setting Your Intention
    • Set your Intention
  • 11
    Soul Mate & Twin Flames
    • Connections
  • 12
    Clear the clutter
    • Inner & Outer Inventory
  • 13
    Gifts From Past Relationships
    • How the lessons serve you
  • 14
    This Is Where The Magic Sparks
    • Bringing Your Love Alive


Corinne Clapham

  • Corinne Clapham

    Transformational Wellness Coach

    Corinne Clapham

    Corinne Clapham is the Founder/CEO of Inner Paradise. Which focuses on inner healing utilizing various natural methods & modalities. Within her scope as an Intuitive Wellness Coach where she is by your side. Guiding you to gain clarity on your life's purpose that is in alignment with your highest self. Additionally and most importantly she guides you to uncover what has been creating discord and blockages from achieving and attaining your desires and dreams. Clearing and releasing the inner blocks on an energetic, cellular and soul level. So you shine brighter than ever before. Living a life full of love, peace & harmony. Transformational Wellness Coach ~ Reiki Master ~ Sound Healer ~ Journey Practitioner ~ Tao Hands Practitioner ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation/Mindfulness Facilitator
Eva S


Eva S

"This Abundance session was incredible. I was able to go very deep and release a lot of blockages I had invited the good into my life which has manifesting in a lot since my session with you! I am stunned. Thank you again for an amazing abundance session, its was really transformational for me!"